Purdue University

Case Study

Elevating Purdue University’s Digital Storytelling

A Meeting of Minds

At Reaktiv, we specialize in crafting inspiring and original digital solutions, having served a wide array of industries, including higher education. When Purdue University approached us to revamp their storytelling platform, it was an opportunity to blend our decade-long strategy, design, and development expertise with Purdue’s rich academic legacy.

Purdue University, established in 1869 in West Lafayette, Indiana, is a renowned public land-grant research university. It was founded following a significant land and money donation by businessman John Purdue, to focus on science, technology, and agriculture. Known for its distinguished engineering program, Purdue stands out for its large number of undergraduate majors, robust graduate programs, and a significant international student population. The university boasts a rich history of academic excellence and innovation, including notable affiliations with Nobel laureates, Olympic medalists, and other distinguished individuals across various fields.

A Vision for Transformation

Purdue University sought to transform its digital storytelling platform. The challenge was transitioning from a conventional layout to a more engaging, dynamic presentation of university stories, integrating various content forms like articles, podcasts, and videos.

Our Approach: Creativity and Technical Prowess

Innovative Design

Leveraging our team’s expertise in WordPress development, we embarked on a design overhaul using Adobe XD, referencing the previous site as a base (Purdue’s team provided the design). Our aim was to ensure the new platform reflected Purdue’s ethos while offering a fresh and interactive user experience.

Technical Ingenuity

We developed a custom front-end to manage and display diverse content effectively. This involved creating early versions of custom WordPress layout blocks and event features. The backend was restructured for efficient content categorization and team management, using custom WordPress blocks to ensure brand-specific design and stability against core block updates.

Outcome: A New Era of Engagement

Launched in February 2022, the new platform featured distinct homepages for various content categories, each with its customizable blocks. This approach not only enhanced the user experience but also safeguarded the site from potential disruptions. The project was marked by agile development processes, with consistent demos and feedback loops, reflecting our values of good collaboration, creative problem-solving, and enthusiastic engagement in every project.

Setting a New Benchmark

The project overcame initial challenges and showcased Reaktiv’s expertise in web development. It featured unique homepages for categories like culture, research, and education, all with customizable blocks. This approach helped the website avoid issues with WordPress updates. The project, managed efficiently with regular updates and quick feedback, combined technical skill with engaging design elements like animations. Our work with Purdue University marked a significant step in university web design, aligning with Reaktiv’s goal to develop scalable and innovative web platforms for major organizations.

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