State of Enterprise WordPress: We Need Your Input!

During its 20 year tenure, WordPress has evolved from a blog management tool to a robust and powerful CMS for leading enterprise brands such as The Times, Vogue, even NASA and the White House.

Reaktiv is proud to be part of this ongoing work, which is why we are collaborating with other leading enterprise WordPress agencies to gather insights through a new survey to explore questions about WordPress and the enterprise.

Learning from Enterprise Organizations

The survey will investigate how enterprise organizations use WordPress, ranging from publishing and customization workflows to custom extensions to the core platform.

Insights from this survey will be published later this year as a report for State of Enterprise WordPress 2023, offering a detailed examination of the pros and cons of WordPress as a platform for the growing number of organizations relying on it.

The report will highlight why these organizations opted for WordPress, detail the specific custom enhancements they found necessary, and outline their visions for the platform’s future evolution. Additionally, we will delve into the reasons behind organizations’ choice of WordPress and the additional improvements they desire. This comprehensive analysis aims to enhance the broader WordPress community’s understanding of enterprise needs and contribute to informed decisions regarding the platform’s future development.

Participate in the Enterprise WordPress Survey

If you are an enterprise WordPress user and want to influence the platform’s development, take the survey now and share your insights. Your feedback will help enhance and expand a platform that has significantly impacted the modern web. All responses will be aggregated and anonymized for the final report.

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