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A New Era of Digital Storytelling: Intuit’s Enhanced Blog Platform

Intuit Inc. is an American multinational business software company renowned for its expertise in financial software. Founded in 1983 in Palo Alto, California, it has established its headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company’s portfolio includes prominent products like TurboTax, a tax preparation application; QuickBooks, a small business accounting program; Credit Karma, a credit monitoring service; and Mailchimp, an email marketing platform. As of 2023, Intuit has impressively generated $14.37 billion in revenue, reflecting its strong market position and influence in the software industry​​.

Building on successful redesigns

In 2021, Reaktiv partnered with Intuit to redesign the TurboTax blog. Besides some branding adjustments, these redesigns aimed to use new templates and leverage blocks to support the teams’ editorial mission.

Upon the successful launch of both sites, the Intuit Corporate team contacted us to discuss the possibility of redesigning their blog, leveraging the new design system. The goal was to enhance user interaction, improve content navigation, and highlight Intuit’s innovative edge in financial technology.  We were thrilled to bring these improvements to another site in Intuit’s portfolio.

Enhancing Information Architecture with Category Hubs

Traditional category archives in content management systems often resemble content wells, needing more structure and hierarchy, resulting in a subpar editorial experience, detracting from the overall value of a site’s information architecture. Recognizing these limitations, we sought to reimagine how categories could be presented and navigated.

Our solution was the creation of Category Hubs. The hubs introduce a three-tier hierarchy, offering a dynamic and engaging layout. At the top, the ‘hero’ section highlights select posts, drawing immediate attention. Below, a ‘featured’ section allows for showcasing additional important content. Finally, the standard content well houses the rest of the articles but with enhanced editorial control and presentation.

Editors now have complete command over the placement and prominence of posts within these hubs: The most relevant and engaging content is easily accessible, enhancing both the user experience and the editorial process.

A prime example of the impact of Category Hubs is seen in Intuit’s approach to sharing customer stories. Intuit wanted to present narratives from diverse business owners, such as those running small, Black-owned, or LGBTQ+-owned businesses, in a more captivating and organized manner. Category Hubs enabled them to do just that. By strategically using the tiered structure, Intuit could highlight specific stories in the hero section, feature other significant narratives, and maintain an accessible archive of all stories, thus creating a more engaging and meaningful user experience.

Streamlining Information Architecture for Enhanced Navigation and Future Growth

Intuit’s redesign of its information architecture aimed to resolve issues with ambiguous and redundant navigation elements.

The primary goals were simplifying the architecture, enhancing user navigation, and preparing for future developments. We achieved these goals through a detailed content audit and iterative redesigns, resulting in a streamlined navigation organized around four main themes: ‘Innovative Thinking,’ ‘Social Responsibility,’ ‘Life at Intuit,’ and ‘Global Stories.’

This reorganization improved user experience and better reflected Intuit’s global diversity. An essential aspect of the redesign was increasing the visibility of stories from international offices, starting with Canada, India, and Israel, to promote a more inclusive global narrative. This approach set a precedent for further content diversification, aligning Intuit’s digital presence with its corporate ethos.

Featured Voices: Amplifying Intuit’s Thought Leadership

Intuit’s “Featured Voices” initiative was designed to showcase the thought leadership of its executives, including CEO Sasan Goodarzi. We enhanced the homepage with a slider featuring Intuit leaders, linking to their personalized author page with portraits, bios, and links to their articles. This strategic move enriched the site’s content with executive insights and fostered a more personal and transparent connection between Intuit’s leadership and its audience.

Paving the Way for Digital Excellence

The redesign of Intuit’s site, encompassing the innovative Category Hubs, the insightful Featured Voices, and the streamlined information architecture, has significantly enhanced its online presence. This project not only improved user experience but also underscored Intuit’s dedication to innovation and thought leadership.

Crucially, the success of this initiative set the stage for further digital transformations within Intuit, exemplified by the subsequent redesign of the Tax Pro Center. This progression demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability, reinforcing Intuit’s status as a leader in the digital landscape.

As Intuit advances, the impact of these redesigns will continue to influence its approach to digital engagement and content strategy, solidifying its position at the forefront of industry innovation.

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